Be careful frying that turkey!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday that most Americans enjoy really look forward to. Most families cook a turkey and try hard to serve a turkey that is moist tender and juicy.

In the past few years, home chefs have embraced deep frying the turkey because it does not require as much cooking time than other methods such as baking or grilling on a rotisserie and it leaves the meat juicy with a crispy skin.

Deep frying turkeys can be delicious but every year fires related to turkey fires result in approximately five deaths and 60 burn injuries and the damage or destruction of nearly 900 homes.

These facts are pretty scary but they should not deter you from frying your turkey if this is your preferred cooking method. However, you should follow these safety tips:

  • Never fry a frozen turkey. Defrost your turkey fully before frying.
  • Watch the oil thermometer. You should keep your frying oil around 350 degrees. Allowing the oil to over heat to 400 degrees or more can cause a fire.
  • Don’t overfill the fryer with oil. If you put too much oil in your turkey fryer and then add your turkey, it will overflow and the oil can come in contact with the flame and catch on fire.
  • Do not fry your turkey indoors. You should fry your turkey away from garages, wooden structures and the deck so that if it catches on fire it does not catch your home on fire. You should never fry your turkey inside.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher handy.
  • Wear proper protective gear including heavy gloves or oven mitts and wear proper shoe coverings.
  • Lower and remove the turkey slowly to avoid splashing.

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