Bayer Anti-Bleeding Product Trasylol (Asprotinin) Found to Be Dangerous

Two recent medical studies found that Bayer’s anti-bleeding product, Trasylol, generically known as Asprotinin, is dangerous. Trasylol or Asprotinin, given to heart bypass surgery patients by their physicians to stop bleeding and reduce blood transfusions, was found to cause patients to die at a much higher rate than patients given other anti-bleeding drugs. The drug also caused a higher rate of kidney failure requiring patients to go on dialysis.

Although it is not clear why patients who took Trasylol died at a higher rate than patients given other medications, two recent medical studies reached that conclusion. They found that 6.4 percent of patients who were given Trasylol died within 30 days of the surgery, a rate nearly 2½ times higher than patients who got another drug or who received no treatment for excessive bleeding. At one year after surgery, almost 16 percent of Trasylol patients had died, approximately 2½ times higher than patients using an alternative medication.

Trasylol Asprotinin
According to the Associated Press, Bayer, who was aware of the this information, including the preliminary results from their own study, failed to present this evidence to the Food and Drug Administration, claiming the medical studies were flawed. But according to Dr. Sidney Wolfe of Public Citizen’s Health Research Group, it is Bayer’s reasoning that is flawed, “I just don’t know how much further evidence you need.” Wolfe also said that federal health officials should pursue criminal charges against Bayer for withholding information from FDA.

Trasylol has been on the market for 14 years and was used by doctors to treat hundreds of thousands of heart bypass patients each year. Bayer stopped selling the drug last fall, after a study was halted because of deaths among patients taking Trasylol.

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