Avoid falls while hanging Christmas lights

Last night, I ran into a friend who is an orthopaedic surgeon here in the Seattle area. I asked him if he was treating a lot of ski accident injuries now that we have snow in the local mountains. He said that some of the most serious accident cases he has treated of late is from people who suffered a fall while hanging Christmas lights.

He said that several patients suffered shattered ankles after falling from a roof or ladder and that these injuries, while they can be repaired, will affect the person for the rest of their life. Others suffer traumatic brain injuries, back injuries and fractures.

It is estimated that nearly 90,000 people seek care in an emergency room every year due to a ladder accident and 3,000 people are injured while hanging Christmas lights. Even a fall from a one-story house means a fall from 10′ to 12′ which can result in a serious injury.

falls and premise liability attorneySome recommendations for fall prevention include:

  • Have someone support the ladder, a spotter.
  • Avoid stretching too far while on the ladder.
  • Make sure your ladder can hold your weight.
  • Avoid using the top ladder step.
  • Avoid distractions such as phone call.
  • Hang your lights during daylight hours.
  • Avoid hanging lights while it is snowing or icy so you don’t slip.
  • Never hang over the roof edge to hang lights.
  • Make sure your avoid alcohol while hanging lights.
  • Hire a professional!

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