Avoid accidents while digging your car out of the snow

Now that the snow in Western Washington and Seattle is abating, motorists are digging their cars out of snow banks, ditches and even their own driveways. It’s important that people take care in doing so. The following tips can help keep you safe and avoid an auto accident.

  • Dig your tail pipe out — you don’t want to be overcome with carbon monoxide poisoning while trying to extricate your car while its exhaust system is clogged.
  • Clear the snow from atop your car, windshield and rear view mirrors. Obviously snow on your mirrors and wind shield will prevent visibility, but snow slipping from your car top while your are driving may also prevent visibility and cause an accident.
  • Wear bright clothing, put up a road flair and use flashlights while digging your car out on a roadside in the evening or after dark. You don’t want to become a pedestrian accident statistic.
  • Take breaks while doing the digging so you don’t get a back injury.

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