Communications between a client and his, her or its attorney are confidential and may not be revealed by the attorney. Attorney-client privilege encourages open and honest dialogue between a client and attorney. In Washington State and in federal courts, only the client’s communications are protected. An attorney’s communications to his or her client is protected only to the extent it contains client communications. Generally, in order for communications from a client to an attorney to be privileged: the person asserting the privilege must be a client; the person receiving the communication must be a licensed attorney, acting as an attorney, or an agent or employee of the attorney; the communication contains a fact or facts made by the client, without the presence of third parties, and made for the purpose of securing legal services, obtaining a legal opinion, or obtaining assistance in a legal proceeding; the communication must not be for the purpose committing a crime or a tort; the client is claiming the privilege; and the client has not waived the privilege.

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