Arlington school bus driver accused of texting while driving returns to work

An Arlington School District bus driver has returned to work after she was investigated for texting while driving.

The Everett Herald reports that a Post Middle School student ‘s mother complained to the district after her son allegedly witnessed the bus driver texting.

The unidentified bus driver was on leave during the investigation but has since returned to work. The district did not disclose if any disciplinary action was taken. The bus driver has worked for the district for 21 years prior to the complaint.

While we don’t know the results of the investigation, we do know that that other bus drivers have been involved in accidents or were caught using an electronic device while driving.

In Oregon, a school bus driver was fired after being photographed texting while driving and a TriMet bus driver was videotaped reading from a Kindle device while driving a metro bus.

Last year, I took a Caribbean Cruise with my mother and aunt and we took a chartered bus to the cruise terminal. As we entered the highway, the bus driver picked up his phone and was either texting or reading his texts. I yelled at him to, “Put your phone away!”

In 2010, the Department of Transportation banned professional drivers from text messaging while driving. Drivers who text while driving can face civil or criminal penalties an fines up to $2,750.

Distracted driving, including texting while driving, is a leading cause of motor vehicle accident fatalities.

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