Aide in Albert Lea nursing home abuse case sentenced to 180 days

One of six employees who were indicted for physical and sexual abuse of nursing home residents at the Albert Lea nursing home was sentenced to 180 days in jail on Friday.

Brianna Broitzman, who was a teenager when the abuse occurred, was tried as an adult. Broitzman pleaded guilty to three gross misdemeanors and used the Alford Plea, claiming she was innocent but acknowledged that there was enough evidence to obtain a conviction.

Broitzman will also be required to stay away from vulnerable adults, serve two years of probation and perform community service as well as undergo a psychological examination and write letters of apology to the families of three victims.

The Albert Lea nursing home sexual abuse case has made national attention because of the callousness the abusers, who were all young women, showed to their victims.

The victim’s family members gave victim impact statements to the court and described how their family members were tortured and tormented by their caregivers. Some of the victims suffered personality changes because of the abuse.

A civil suit has been filed by some of the victims and their families against the operator of the nursing home and four of the Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) at the residential center. The nursing home abuse lawsuit claims that some of the aides had knowledge of the abuse going on at the nursing home and failed to report it though they were Mandatory Reporters.

The civil lawsuit claims that the Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society that operated Albert Lea has direct liability for negligent management, supervision and failed to provide reasonable care for the protection and well-being of the residents.

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Albert Lea
Broitzman gets 180 days
Published October 22, 2010

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