Adaptive headlights: safety innovation reduces night-time driving accidents

headlamps.jpgAdaptive headlights help drivers at nighttime by responding to a driver’s steering, allowing a driver to see objects not typically illuminated with traditional vehicle headlights. Adaptive lighting systems automatically adjust the vehicle’s lighting depending on the road, conditions, geometry, vehicle speed and traffic. Traditional headlights illuminate straight ahead, no matter if the road is curving.

A recent study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that adaptive headlights improve visibility over fixed headlights on curves by illuminating a driver’s peripheral field.

According to the IIHS executive vice president, David Zuby, adaptive headlights are already shown to reduce crash damage and injuries. One study by IIHS found that a there is a 10% reduction of insurance claims when the technology is utilized.

How Adaptive Headlights Help

Adaptive headlights turn as one drives. For example, if you are driving on a curved road, the headlights turn allowing you to see what is around the bend so you can see the deer about to jump into your path, a stopped car or a downed tree.

Nearly 50% of all fatal car accident occur at night and adaptive headlights can help reduce these accidents by illuminating roads especially in areas where there are not street or highway lamps.

Cars with adaptive headlights have electronic sensors which detect car speed, wheel turning and the yaw, or rotation of car around the vertical axis. The sensors then relay information to a electric motor to turn the headlight .

Adaptive headlight systems also uses sensors to determine when headlight brightness needs to be adjusted which can reduce glare to other drivers.

The IIHS estimates that adaptive headlights will be adopted on up to 95% of all passenger vehicles by 2043.

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