Patient who had multiple amputations after heart surgery awarded $10 million in medical malpractice

A Harris County, Texas jury has awarded $10 million in medical malpractice damages to John German after he developed gangrene following open heart surgery in 2002 which later necessitated the amputation of his left leg above the knee, the toes on his right foot and the fingers on both hands reports The Chronicle.

The medical malpractice lawsuit was filed against Methodist Hospital and the physicians who treated German. The jury’s verdict found Methodist to be responsible for $5 million of the damages. The doctors have already settled for their half.

German underwent open-heart surgery in December of 2002 for an improperly functioning heart valve. The lawsuit claimed that the Methodist hospital staff failed to monitor German for blood disorders after prescribing the blood-thinner Heparin.

German, who was 32 and working as mechanic at the time of his surgery said, “It’s like closing a painful chapter in my life, even though I have to live every day like this.”

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