9th fatal pedestrian-train accident in Washington this year

The Seattle Times reports that a man was hit and killed by an Amtrak train while walking on a railroad trestle over the Lewis River south of Woodland on Friday afternoon. This is the ninth pedestrian accident involving a train in Washington so far this year.

The train was traveling from Seattle to Vancouver on the BNSF Railway.

Apparently the man and a companion were on the trestle looking for a place to swim.

It is tragic that so many pedestrians have lost their lives this year. Use the following common sense safety tips when walking near train tracks:

  • Never walk down a train track. Not only is it illegal but it is dangerous. Trains always have the right-of-way.
  • Only cross railway tracks at designated crossing and never go around or over lower crossing gates.
  • Always expect a train to be arriving. Even if a track has weeds or looks rusty, you must assume that it is in use.
  • You won’t always hear an approaching train. Modern trains are quieter than you might think. In some areas, trains will not blow warning horns, especially near residential areas.
  • Approaching trains are moving faster and are closer than you think.

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