94-year-old man killed by 81-year-old roommate in nursing home attack

Manh Van Nguyen, 94, of Laguna Woods was killed when his 81-year-old roommate, William McDougall, beat him to death in the nursing home where they both lived.

According to The Orange County Register, both men were residents at the Palm Terrace Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, a nursing facility. Police believe that Dougall beat Nguyen with a pole used to hang clothes in the closet. The Palm Terrace Home is owned by The Ensign Group.
An investigation in the death will surely be conducted. Sometimes patients who have had no history of violence may become violent because of dementia or due to an adverse reaction to prescription drugs like Ambien. While violence is a rare side effect of Ambien, there are documented cases of bizarre behavior, paranoid delusions and even violence due to the drug.

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