8 year old girl critically injured in dog attack

An 8-year-old Lithonia, Georgia girl, Erin Ingraham, is in critical condition after two dogs viciously attacked her while she was playing in her family’s yard Tuesday afternoon.

According to a report on CBS Atlanta.com, two dogs that “resembled pit bulls” seriously injured the girl in an attack that lasted four to five minutes. The girl was hospitalized with wounds to both arms.

A neighbor called 911 to report the attack and a police officer pulled the dogs off of the girl. When one of the dogs turned on the officer, he shot it. The other dog fled but was later captured; it will be put down.

The report said that the dogs had a history of attacking people. Charges against the dog owners are pending.

Dog bite victims can suffer severe and even life threatening injuries. Victims can suffer disfigurement, often of the face. Many dog bite viticms require between 2-5 surgeries to repair the damage. Victims often suffer permanent nerve damage, severe pain and psychological damage including post-traumatic stress syndrome.

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