7-year-old Federal Way girl bitten by pit bull

Seattle’s KOMONews.com reports that a little girl in Federal Way, Washington was attacked and bitten by a dog as she walked up to the dog owners’ front door. The girls was attacked, pinned to the ground and was bitten several times. The 7-year-old girl was helping her father by dropping off business cards on resident’s doors.

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The dog, a pit bull terrier-chow mix, is owned by Chris Brown. Brown contends that the girl is at fault not his dog, “I would never send my daughter on someone’s property. I would have walked up there myself. You never know what’s going to happen.” Brown says that the dog was raised to be a security dog.

Brown’s house has no fence or gate, only a sign that reads “Warning: Security Dog”. He does have an “invisible” or electronic fence installed.

The King Country Animal Control has quarantined the dog for 10 days. Federal Way law prohibits dangerous dogs within the city limits.

The girl’s parents have hired a lawyer.

This appears to be a case of “general negligence.” In civil law, an injured person may be compensated for their injuries if a reasonable person had negligent behavior which resulted in the injury. Failing to secure a pet that mauls a child may be seen as a case of general negligence. In this case, the judge may find that an electronic fence was not a reasonable precaution. A reasonable person might assume that anyone should be able to have access to a front door including a mail carrier, meter reader or parcel delivery service.

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