$6 million wrongful death verdict in nursing home death

The family of an 81-year-old patient in a HCR Manor Care facility was awarded $6 million dollars in a case of nursing home abuse and neglect after the patient was given an overdose of morphine. In awarding $6 million, the jury found that Manor Care facility in Tucson, was negligent in giving Sylvia Culpepper twice the prescribed dosage of morphine. Manor Care also has facilities in Lynnwood, Gig Harbor, Spokane and Tacoma, Washington.

According to court transcripts, Culpepper was being treated for sciatica, a nerve condition that causes pain. When her physician changed her dosage of morphine, Manor Care erroneously gave her both the old dosage and the new dosage. The jury found that the nursing home was to blame for failing to recognize a morphine overdose and for not having adequate staffing.

In many cases of nursing home abuse or neglect, inadequate or poorly trained staff is the cause.

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