3 students seriously injured in Quincy school bus accident, several suffer minor injuries

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Three students were seriously injured in a Quincy school bus accident when their bus driver apparently lost control of the school bus they were riding in and the bus went off the highway, rolled and landed on its side. The Wenatchee World reports that up to 34 other students on the school bus suffered minor injuries including scrapes and bruises.

None of the seriously injured were thought to have life threatening injuries. One student was taken by air to Samaritan Hospital in Moses Lake and two students were taken to a hospital in Ephrata. The other students were taken to Quincy Valley Medical Center where many were reunited with their parents.

The bus driver was not injured in the accident.

The Washington school bus accident occurred this morning around 8:30am on Highway 281 near the intersection of White Trail Road near Quincy. Quincy is an agricultural region approximately 160 miles south east of Seattle and Bellevue.

Though road conditions were good it appears as if the bus drifted to the right and the bus driver over corrected, rolling the bus.

This bus accident will be likely investigated by local authorities. While the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ensures school bus safety, they usually only investigate catastrophic school bus accidents.

School bus drivers have a huge responsibility for the lives of all of the students on board. Most school bus drivers are highly skilled and care very much for the young people that they drive. Often they have to drive distracted yet maintain diligence at the wheel. With a ratio of 1 adult to 36 or more students, the job is not an easy one.

The Washington school bus accident lawyers understand that while there are 9 billion school bus trips every year carrying millions of students and less than 25 students are killed. American school buses are designed to safeguard students and are the safest way for children to ride to school even without seat belts.

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