2-year-old boy severely injured in tragic East Wenatchee riding lawn mower accident

The Wenatchee World reports that a 2-year-old East Wenatchee boy suffered severe injuries when his legs were run over by a riding lawn mower driven by his grandfather on Sunday around 9:40am.

The boy suffered injuries to his left food and ankle and may have injuries to his right leg. He was taken to Central Washington University and then transferred to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

The horrible accident occurred at the 200 block of Broadmoor Street Northwest in East Wenatchee. Apparently, the boy had stepped off of the mower’s lower platform and the grandfather put the lawnmower in reverse not realizing the boy had stepped off.

This is a tragic accident and I am sure the grandfather and mother are in a state of grief and shock. We wish this little boy well and know that the trauma center at Harborview will give him the world’s finest care.

Whenever we read about an accident such as this we like to remind others of some safety tips regarding riding lawn mowers:

  • Children should not be allowed to operate a mower and until they are old enough and have had safety instruction
  • Never carry a passenger
  • Clear lawn of foreign objects like rakes, buckets, etc. before turning the mower on
  • Never allow a child or pet to be in the lawn area when mowing in case objects are hurled by the mower’s blade
  • Maintain the lawn mower’s fasteners and guards
  • Disengage the clutch and mower blade and put the gear shift in neutral before starting the engine
  • Do not wear loose fitting clothing
  • Wear proper feet coverings
  • Be extra careful when backing
  • Be extra careful on slopes and when making turns so as not to tip the lawnmower
  • Disengage mower blade when driving on hard services such as gravel lanes and sidewalks
  • Do not operate when not in the driver’s seat
  • Do not operate when under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Do not add fuel when the engine is running or hot.
  • Shut off the engine when adjusting the machine or making repairs.

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