2 pit bulls attack and injure a 71-year-old woman in Sea-Tac

The Seattle Times reports that two pit bull dogs attacked a 71-year-old Sea-Tac woman in her own driveway after she walked her grandchildren to the school bus. The attack occurred at around 8:18 am this morning and King County Sherriff’s responded to the call at South 105th Street and 30th Avenue south. When police officers arrived, one dog was continuing the attack on the woman. The police officer shot both dogs dead.

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The woman was taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle and was in serious, but stable, condition with bite injuries from her legs to her head. The woman was described as a tiny woman who stands under 5′ in height and weighs under 90 pounds. Police said there was no way an adult — much less a tiny woman — could have fought off two adult male pit bulls.

According to the Animal control, the dogs had no history of prior complaints. However, this was not the first time the dogs had escaped from their owner’s house. In May, they were found wandering on International Boulevard and placed in a Kent Shelter where they were picked up three days later by their owners.

The owner of these two dogs also owns two other pit bulls and police confiscated them today.

Only three weeks ago, we wrote about a pit bull who mauled a 7-year-old girl in Federal Way after she dropped off a business card on the owner’s property.

Failing to secure a pet that then injures a person may be a case of “general negligence.” In civil law, an injured person can be compensated for their injuries, and for pain and suffering, if a person had negligent behavior which resulted in an injury. Failing to secure a pet may be seen as general negligence.

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