2 injured in sailboat accident in San Juan Islands

Two people were injured when the mast of the sailboat they were on collapsed and hit them. The Washington sailboat accident occurred near Lummi Island on Saturday afternoon around 2pm. Lummi Island is part of the San Juan Island chain and is east of Bellingham outside of Bellingham Bay.

One of the injured suffered a head injury described as a concussion and the other person suffered an arm injury. Both of the injured were taken by the Coast Guard to a hospital.

According to the report by KOMO News of Seattle, the sail boat was a 127-foot Zodiac. The sailboat was chartered.

The Coast Guard is investigating the cause of the boating accident to determine if dry rot or the way the mast was rung up was the cause of the mast snapping.

If it is determined that the cause of the boating accident was caused by negligence due to failing to maintain the sailboat, or failure to train the crew, the victims may be able to obtain compensation for their damages.

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