2 Ellensburg daycare centers temporarily closed due to E-coli illness

Dr. Mark Larson of the Kittitas County Public Health department says that two Ellensburg daycare centers have been temporarily closed after five children were sickened with E-coli illness.

According a report by Seattle PI.com, the daycare centers were closed after several children who attended the centers became ill. One child who did not attend one of the centers was hospitalized with the illness but has since recovered. The decision to temporarily close the centers was one way to halt the person-to-person transmission of the illness.

E-coli is a food-borne and feces-borne illness that can be transmitted when people do not follow proper sanitation and hand washing procedures. It can also be transmitted through undercooked ground beef, unpasteurized juices and cured meat.

The elderly and the young and people with compromised immune symptoms are especially susceptible to serious side effects of the illness.

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