2009 New Traffic Safety Laws

The Washington State Legislature enacted several Traffic Safety laws in 2009. The new laws that affect the most motorists include:

  • SSB 5469 – Intermediate vehicle license
    Intermediate driver license holders who were in an accident may have restrictions on their license lifted if it is determined that another party in the accident they were involved in was cited.
  • SB 5482 – 2 and 3 wheeled vehicles
    This law has three parts:

    1. Motorcyclists must have a motorcycle endorsement, cannot transport children under 5 years old and must wear a conforming helmet.
    2. Motorcyclists must register three-wheeled vehicles that are partially or completely enclosed with a steering wheel and a seat belt as a motorcycle; wear a seat belt; wear an approved helmet; must not transport children under the age of 5; and have a driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement.
    3. Jurisdictions that have traffic signals which are vehicle-activated must repair signals that have detection issues.
  • SSB 5574 – Consumer data in vehicles
    This law requires manufacturers who install data recording devices in vehicles (similar to “black boxes” in airplanes) to disclose the presence and function of the device in the vehicle’s owner’s manual. It also maintains that the data recorded cannot be accessed by anyone but the vehicle’s owners except a)by court order; b) upon the express consent of the owners; c) for research to improve vehicle safety; d) to respond to a medical emergency; e)if the data is used to fulfill a services agreement on the vehicle.
  • HB 1448 – Tribal reservation speed limits
    Allows tribal authorities to change the speed limits on state highways on the portion of highway that is within the boundaries of the tribe’s reservation provided: a) the change is based upon engineering and traffic investigations; b) the change is approved by WSDOT; c) the change is noted with proper signage.

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