1st Depuy Hip Implant Case Goes to Trial

A Los Angeles jury is hearing the case of Loren Kransky v. Johnson & Johnson, the manufacturer of the of the ASR XL hip implant device.

seattle depuy hip recall lawyer10,000 lawsuits have been filed against the J&J, claiming that the company was aware that the metal-on-metal hip implant devices was defective and that the company was negligent in not fully testing the device before marketing. Attorneys also claim that J&J was sluggish in pulling the devices from the U.S. market; DePuy continued to sell the hips in the American market for more than a year after they were banned from England, France and Australia. In those countries, because of national joint replacement databases, early data showed that the devices were failing at a rate of 12.5% within five years.

Kransky is a retired business guard who received his ASR XL hip implant in 2007 and he had to have the device removed and replaced in 2012. Kransky’s blood was tested in October of 2011 and it was found that he had seven times the normal level of the metal cobalt in his body.
Kransky’s attorney said, in his opening statement, “This hip, this medical implant, incorporated dangers to an extent beyond what any reasonable doctor would have anticipated or expected.”
It is believed that the metal-on-metal design of the hip can cause shedding of cobalt and chromium ions which can cause a condition called metallosis. Metallosis can be serious and has been linked to cancer, premature tissue death, inflammation and osteolysis or bone resorption.

Those implanted with the DePuy device are closely watching the outcome of Kransky’s case. J&J had offered a $200,000 case settlement to each of people who filed a lawsuit, according to some case watcher.

Trial Witnesses

The first witness at Kransky’s trial was Magness Flet, a leader of a designed and troubleshooter for Johnson & Johnson who testified that DePuy identified early on problems with the ASR hip but rejected plans to redesign it even though the redesign would have potentially lowered the amount of cobalt and chromium shed by the device.

A second witness, Professor Dennis Bobyn, who is a specialist in Biomedical Engineering at McGill University, testified that the DePuy hip implant “has multiple design defects” which caused it’s high failure rate.

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