$19.6 million malpractice settlement for injured baby & mother

A jury has provided for a $19.6 million medical malpractice settlement to parents of a baby who was brain-damaged at birth and the mother who suffered severe injuries during delivery, reports St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Manhattan.

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According to the trial transcripts, Daniel Maing suffers from cerebral palsy after Dr. Po Ching Fong, a hospital resident at the time, used forceps improperly onduring the birth process. Daniel Maing was severely oxygen deprived and had to be resuscitated upon birth. The anesthesiologist also erred by inserting a breathing tube into Daniel’s esophagus rather than his windpipe.

In addition to the injuries to Daniel, Mrs. Maing suffered extensive tearing to her vaginal area, all the way to the rectum. The mother suffered severe scarring and has a lot of pain to this day.

The jury, which deliberated one day after a three-week trial, found St. Vincent’s Medical Center and their doctors responsible, awarding $12 million to Mrs. Maing and $7.6 to Daniel

Medical malpractice during the birth process can have disastrous consequence. Fetal distress involving the lack of oxygen to the child’s brain often results in irreversible brain injury. This is known as hypoxia which is diagnosed as cerebral palsy. Babies can also suffer from cortical blindness, mental retardation and learning disabilities. Caring for a severely injured child can be a huge burden on a family and they deserve to be compensated for their enormous medical and educational expenses.

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