10th train track fatality this year in Washington

King5.com of Seattle reports that a man was killed by a freight train in Centralia early this morning. The man was crossing the tracks when he was hit by the train.

This is the 10th fatality in Washington state this year involving people who have been hit by trains. Of the 10 deaths, 9 of the people were considered to be trespassers and one was at a pedestrian crossing.

Pedestrians are often ignorant of the dangers that railroad tracks pose. It is often devastating to train engineers to be involved in a collision in which a pedestrian is killed. Pedestrians often don’t realize that trains are traveling at speeds of up to 80 mph and that they can not stop for a pedestrian.

Pedestrian Safety Tips

  • Railroad tracks and trestles are private property and people should not trespass.
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  • Only cross in designated public crossing.
  • Be aware that trains overhang the tracks by at least 3 feet on either side of the track. Also, loose straps or other equipment may overhang further. STAND BACK.
  • Do not cross the tracks after one train passes because there is often another train approaching in the opposite direction.
  • Do not use train trestles to fish, hunt or bungee jump.
  • Do not attempt to hop on and ride train equipment at any time.

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